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10 week old baby with a cold

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beckieperk Thu 06-Oct-11 07:54:46

My ds 10 weeks old today....has a pretty bad cold and is finding it hard to settle for any length of time (roughly 2 hours between feeds!!). I have tried calpol but it doesn't seem to work. Is there anything else I could try to make him a little more comfortable? Or is it just a case of going with it for now?
TIA from a very tired mum!! :-)

Succubi Thu 06-Oct-11 08:03:35

The things that worked for me were, saline drops/spray to clear the nose together with a suction bulb to sick the mucus out, running a paediatric humidifier/vaporiser at night (really really helped with colds and strangely ear infections) and sitting with the baby in the bathroom with the shower running to create a steam room.

With the humidifier you can use Vicks pads or equivalent to help them breath at night. The pads are however expensive.

Good luck and I hope your lo gets better soon

beckieperk Thu 06-Oct-11 08:08:05

Thank you. Where do I get the humidifier? Are they the ones I see in supermarkets? smile

Laurale31 Thu 06-Oct-11 08:08:34

Snuggle babe- equivalent to our vicks on baby's chest,
Olbas oil on a tissue in the room, or in an oil burner,
Hv told me to have a bowl of water on the radiator to create some humidity,
prop up baby's cot or Moses basket so baby isn't lying flat, hopefully your wee baby gets over it soon, it's hard work sad x

beckieperk Thu 06-Oct-11 08:14:39

Ive seen that snuggle babe....but it says from 3months. Wasn't sure whether to risk it?!

Succubi Thu 06-Oct-11 14:16:07

I bought both mine from amazon. I have the Vicks brand which I have found to be excellent. You can also get them from Argos and mothercare. I have the paediatric ones. The only problem are the pads which are expensive.

beckieperk Thu 06-Oct-11 14:53:44

Got some nasal drops and chest rub from improvement tonight I'll get a plug in thingy. Fingers crossed. Thanks everyone. smile

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