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tummy bug or more?

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maddy8125 Wed 05-Oct-11 21:54:19

My little girl is 3 and since last wendesday her stools have been loose, green sometimes, it was twice last wedneday, twice saturday soft but brown, 3 times tuesday greenish/ brown and then 3 times today and todays have been mustard colour. Sorry Tmi. She doesnt seem to be having any other problems, she seems happy in herself. She says she feels ok, when i asked her if she needs to see a dr to make her better she laughed at me and said no! Help??

RECENTLYFOUNDOUT Thu 06-Oct-11 07:16:28

My 3 yo DS has had endless 'swamp' stools as my DH calls them! It sometimes went on for 2/3 weeks and I think it was that he was one of those kids who if he got ill he couldn't seem to fight things off and got these awful tummy upsets. Just at the point whereby you would think ok I really have to take him to GP now this has gone on too long it would resolve itself and so hope this is the case for you too! Incidentally, my GP suggested probiotics (like in yoghurt) but my DS had gone off yoghurt by then so I bought some probiotic powder and put it in some drinks. I really don't know if it made any difference or not as I think the jury is out on the overall benefits of probiotics but it may be worth trying if you could easily get some into your DD. (My 9 mth old eats probiotic yoghurt sweetened with fresh fruit every day and loves it!).

Good luck xxx

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