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Shingles Scabs - Help!

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couldtryharder Wed 05-Oct-11 19:18:39

My 4 year old had shingles last week and he is thankfully on the mend. It was all up his face and eyelid and into his hairline. He is covered in scabs as the blisters were everywhere. The problem is that he is picking and picking them. He woke up this morning with a big patch of raw skin. We tell him all the time to leave them alone, so do the girls at nursery, but it's so difficult to actually get him to stop. The worst time is at night as he's not even aware he's doing it. I've tried to put big dressing on him but as it's in his hairline it's very difficult to get them to stay on. I've even thought about shaving his hair but don't see how I can with the scabs. The doctor said to put E45 on to keep the area soft, but that hasn't helped. When to the natural remedy shop we have in the village and paid a lot of money for some chickweed cream but am now reluctant to put it on him as many of the 'wounds' are now open. Any ideas gratefully received. Worried he'll end up with scars.

RIZZ0 Wed 05-Oct-11 23:29:37

For stopping the scratching, are you able to use calamine or chicken pox remedies such as Eurax cream?

Also, you could make a strong pot of comfrey tea to pour in the bath and use a jug to pour it over his head several times. It's got good wound healing properties. I sat in a comfrey bath to heal my stitches post-birth.

RIZZ0 Wed 05-Oct-11 23:30:31

Actually Eurax should be fine as it's the same virus isn't it?

Not sure how much it is BTW but comfrey tea is cheap.

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