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Is this an appropriate doctors examination?

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sleepyhappymummy Wed 05-Oct-11 19:00:41


Just come back from dr with my son & a bit concerned tbh. We saw someone I've not seen before & I presume they are a locum as there were lots of signs saying usual dr was off sick.

Anyway, my 9 month old has had a high temp since Sunday / fluctuating between 38 & 40.6. He's miserable & quite lethargic (although was obviously perky & smiley in drs!). I know it's more than likely viral, but my oldest ds suffered from recurrent tonsillitis & ear infections, & also had febrile convulsions at 16 months, so I'm keen to make sure he's ok.

I'm concerned about the quality of the examination. The dr pointed a key ring torch onto his ears & into his mouth, but I can't see how he would be able to see ear drum / tonsils. Ds didn't even open his mouth very far. The dr didn't take his temperature apart from feeling his head. I've just taken it when we arrived home & it's 40.3!!

Does this sound right to anyone? What shall I do?

Lardiferousthemagnificant Wed 05-Oct-11 19:18:32

Hi sleepyhappymummy,

I think because he has been unwell since Sunday try calling the NHS helpline. It does seem strange that the locum didn't check his temperature, and whilst I'm sure it's nothing to worry about the helpline might be useful. From experience the locums I have had have been great so maybe give your baby some calpol, and keep checking him overnight. Then call up for an emergency appointment in the morning.

Hope this helps, and try not to worry. There are lots of little bugs going around at the moment. xx

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