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Food intolerance and bed wetting

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wantadvice Wed 05-Oct-11 09:42:35

Dd (8) has suffered for years now with abdominal pains, sore vulva and bottom which are now often accompanied with headaches. UTIs have been ruled out as has anything surgical so we are now going back to GP to ask for referal for food allergy testing as she also often has swollen lips, sores around her mouth and seems definitly reacts to pineapple.
Last night she wet the bed which she hasnt done since she was trained between 2-3. Could this be related in any way? Also any advice on the rest of teh post most welcome as we are frankly knackered from so many sleepless nights as the pain often wakes her up.

wantadvice Wed 05-Oct-11 09:43:41

Should add she is a happy confident child who loves school etc so not concerned it is because she's upset etc.

eragon Wed 05-Oct-11 10:51:17

intolerence can cause bed wetting, fizzy drinks , squashes can irritate the bladder and bowel and may be the cause.

artifical colours and perservatives should be removed from the diet.

pineapple does irritate some people because of the enzimes (SP?) in the fruit.

other fruit ok btw

wantadvice Wed 05-Oct-11 11:38:25

Thanks. Would it be food that she had eaten that day or coudl it be from previous day?

eragon Wed 05-Oct-11 11:46:32

well , the idea of intolerence, or allergy still needs that medical professional to do go back to your gp.

who may do blood (RAST) testing for you, but its knowing what to test for that is the problem.

just out of interest,
does she have ezcema , asthma , hay fever , etc?

if ige allergy, its quite easy , if its a food to see a instant reaction, but food intolerence can give symptoms hours or 24 hrs after ingesting.

what is her diet like?

any other issues ? by gp?

wantadvice Wed 05-Oct-11 11:56:58

Thanks for replies. She has no excema or hayfever. Her diet is pretty plain as she's always prefered plain food but nor really different in any way from other kids her age. She got sores around her mouth after eating raw tomatoes once and there may be a link to some of her stomach pains with eating tomato but we are unsure.
She used to complain of her bottom and vulva huring her a lot at night and often she would become red there with a sore on her vulva.
In more recent months it is abdominal pain (especially at night) which unsettles her in her sleep and then wakes her up. It't becoming more frequent and is intersperesed with her vulva and bottom hurting her.
We have food allergies in teh family- my brother has anaphalatic reactions to traces of nuts and awful excema and asthma.

wantadvice Wed 05-Oct-11 19:53:12


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