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removing a tiny bell from a 4yr old boy

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Carameli Tue 04-Oct-11 21:08:56

My ds(4 9mnths) has a jingle bell in his ear since Sunday night.
The local A&E could not get it out so sent us to a larger hospital which tried but it was too much for ds, he was terrified.
So we are going back again and I am going to ask if there is any way they can numb the area so he cannot feel anything as it was so traumatic for him the last time. I am dreading going through that again.

has anyone had a ds/dd who went through this and found it so awful and what happened in the end.

greengoose Tue 04-Oct-11 21:42:08

is it magnetic, could you try a strong magnet? (if you have another bell you could try it first. Also a little olive oil might grease it to get it out, but it might also go in further, so do be careful!
sometimes you just need to hold them tight and let the doctor do their stuff and then make up for it after, my two boys have both had horrible moments, but Im always amazed by how quickly it is over when its over!! Take treats, of maybe a little gift to open for 'being such a brave boy', as a distraction for after. Good luck, and dont show your fear too much, itll make things more scary.

Carameli Tue 04-Oct-11 21:58:30

tried my best to hold him tight but he is a really strong boy even though he is skin and bone!! and so wriggly. might have a look at magnets.

does anyone know if you can numb the area inside the ear easily enough? that to me would be the easiest

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