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Cold/runny nose for a long time

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Deliaskis Mon 03-Oct-11 13:01:49

Hi all,

DD started nursery at 6mo and after about a week, started with symptoms of a cold - sneezing, and very runny nose. Runny nose was clear to start with, not green or anything.

She never seems to have been 'ill' feeling with it, not lethargic, irritable or anything else, no cough, no sign of head/ear pain, eating well, etc.

It's now a month later, and she still has a really runny nose. I kept thinking it would clear up, and we've just got back from a week in Spain where I was hoping the good weather would 'dry it up' (does this even happen?). Her nose running seems to wake her at about 5.30am and once we clear it for her, she goes back to sleep, and is in every other respect fine.

At what point should I go to a Dr? I mean, it's just a runny nose, it's not bothering her at all apart from the early wake, but I don't want to ignore it if I should be getting it looked at. I am I suppose half thinking that as everbody warned me 'oh she's just started nursery, she'll get everything', but don't want to ignore for too long.

Any thoughts/advice from more experienced mums?

Sorry for extremely dull post BTW.


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