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Impetigo help my dd still infectious?

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megan123 Sun 02-Oct-11 16:09:13

Was told dd has impetigo on wednesday and given antibiotic cream. Last blister appeared on Thursday, by Friday she had no blisters but also no improvement seen in her skin. Went back to docs on Friday and told she fine just keep on with the cream. DD looked much better Saturday but this afternoon 2 new blisters have appeared. Does this mean the cream is not working? She has missed 3 days of school and was hoping she would be back tomorrow. If the new blisters after 4 full days of cream are appearing again does this mean she needs oral antibiotics? Thanks.

Madlizzy Sun 02-Oct-11 16:19:37

If the cream isn't working, then yes, oral antibiotics will be needed.

falasportugues Sun 02-Oct-11 21:20:57

if you have noticed the new blisters as soon as they appeared, and zapped them straight away with the cream, they will quickly heal up. You need to get your dc's cooperation in not touching the infected parts and spreading the infection. how many times a day are you putting the cream on?

good luck!

philippas75 Sun 02-Oct-11 21:37:09

My dd2 started on thurs with it and took her to docs yesterday when we realised what it was. She gave oral antibiotics, which tbh, are SO much easier than the cream and today, 24 hours later, it looks tons better.

We were also told to try to stop her scratching it, to fastidiously wash her hands and to wash all her bedding and teddy she uses as comforter every day for 5 days.

Hope it clears up soon

Curlybrunette Mon 03-Oct-11 13:05:31

Are dc's meant to be kept off school with impetigo? Ds2 has eczema and I thought he just had a stubborn patch on his chin but gp said last week that it was possibly impetigo. Ds is nearly 4, at preschool, but she never said to keep him off. Though as I said she said it was possibly impetigo, she thought it looked a bit like it but was surprised that there was only 1 patch of it, and thought there'd be more if it was impetigo.

I thought it just looked like an infected bit of eczema, its just below the corner of his mouth, and he used to get infected patches often when he was a baby.

Sorry for hijacking!


falasportugues Mon 03-Oct-11 22:16:08

hi brunette, once, i took my child to the gp who did not recognise the impetigo which had infected her eczema. i think it can be hard to know with what eczema is infected sometimes. did the gp give you fucidin? if there are no blisters then it might not be conclusive which might be why the gp didn't mention keeping dc off preschool. good luck. ps fucidin is great stuff. only works for a few weeks after tube is opened though

Curlybrunette Mon 03-Oct-11 22:22:42

Thanks falasportugues, the gp gave us crystacide cream which is hydrogen peroxide. I'll see how it goes and ask for fucidin if it isn't clearing. We've used the crystacide twice a day since last Friday and it isn't looking much better, but definitely no blisters, just a really sore looking patch.

Thank you

falasportugues Mon 03-Oct-11 23:36:50

i hope that cream helps.... sometimes it takes a while.... good luck

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