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Does anyone have a child with Tourettes?

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MrsPresley Sat 01-Oct-11 14:24:20

I cant really give all the background as it would take far too long but my grandson has been seeing various doctors and child physcologists since he was about 4, he's now almost 11.

A quick background is he has behavioural problems and facial tics (since he was about 2 or 3). Although a very loving wee boy he will run away, be violent to his sister and has poor concentration levels.

The school havnt been much help basically saying that they didnt think he had any kind of mental health problems and was just badly behaved, they are now saying they have serious concerns about him!

At first the doctors thought he might be autistic but then they ruled that out. A couple of years ago one of the doctors thought he might have Tourettes.

She said that the tics and movements he dispalyed (he used to "jerk" a lot but that seems to have lessened over the past 6/7 months or so) could indicate this but would show itself more around the age of 10.

My GS will be 11 in December and lately the facial tics have got a lot worse, he sort of screws up his eyes in quick sucession, and "pushes" his jaw forward, like he's growling and sometimes makes grunting sounds.

Last week in school he shouted out fuck, for no reason, he said he didnt know why he said, it just came out sad and he done the same last night, out of nowhere.

I am so worried about him and the kind of future he will have if he has tourettes and if he does'nt then we're back to square one.

I'm so angry that the school have been denying there is a problem for years when clearly there is and made out that he is badly behaved and my DD and her DH lacked parenting skills. My DD has followed all the advice given, went to umpteen meetings and parenting classes and I cant help but feel that things might be a bit different now if the school had acknowledged that there is a problem earlier.

Does anyone have any advice/help/knowledge

mariamagdalena Sun 02-Oct-11 22:58:42


If you post or link this on special needs children I think you'll find some people with tourette's experience. Its been mentioned in passing on various threads there.

My dh's cousin has it, the tics are much easier to control than when he was younger and he's recently graduated from uni.

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