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Chicken Pox advice? Most healed. One lone spot.

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MayfairMummy Thu 29-Sep-11 08:51:58

DS got his first spots last wednesday and he's been off nursery since. DH looked him over Tue night and said everything was crusted and he was fine (I'm pregnant and not had chicken pox so I was trying to stay away to reduce exposure). Last night I saw one spot on his hand that looks a lot like a spot (while still filled with fluid), but also different enough that it could be something else. The location is such that I think it would have been missed easily by dad doing a onceover, so i don't know if it's new or if it's something else. I was expecting that by this morning, it would be crusted, but it looks the same as ysterday. Every other spot on him is well on it's way to healing/ed.

We were planning on sending him back to nursery today, but i don't want to infect anyone else; if it is a chicken pox spot, how long between the fluid and it crusting (i just didn't see his spots changing myself)... and has anyone else seen this? I don't want to sit around inside the house for a week while a (eg) spider bit resolves!

Any help much appreciated.

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