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How long off school after Chickenpox??

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Tippytoes Wed 28-Sep-11 10:53:19

Does anyone know how long I should keep my DD off school with chickenpox? She's had the spots for 10 days, all scabbed over completely.

I popped to school on Monday to ask and the receptionist told me that she should be fine to come back as long as they are all scabbed - I said I would wait until today to give her a few more days and then bring her in.

I take her in today, took her straight to the classroom to double check with her teacher that she was fine with it. She was, but some of the other teachers/classroom assistants weren't sure, so went to ask the receptionist (a different one to Monday), they found 3 different policies with conflicting information on, no dates to see which was the latest. They tried to contact the school nurse, who they couldn't get hold of, so send me home and said they would ring me to let me know.

I feel silly now for taking her in on the advice of the first receptionist.

Any idea?


veryfedupatthemoment Wed 28-Sep-11 13:39:26

5-7 days approximately from the start, as long as they are all scabbed up/dry.

That is what the NHS, here and Health Protection Agency here both say. She sounds fine to be back TBH.

Seona1973 Wed 28-Sep-11 21:16:04

dd had about a week off of nursery when she had CP. If they are scabbed then they are no longer contagious so your dd should be fine to go to school now.

Tippytoes Thu 29-Sep-11 10:33:20

Thanks both, that's just confirmed what I thought.

I spoke to our doctor yesterday afternoon, and he also said that she absolutely fine to go back to school. Spoke to the Headmistress and she apologised for all the confusion and asked me to bring her back into school this morning.

Apparently they don't even have a policy, but they will be doing one now!

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