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Weight at puberty?

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Lottie4 Wed 28-Sep-11 10:49:57

Having read comments that puberty often kicks in when a girl reaches 7stone, I just wondered what other's experiences are. My girl is 10 and weighs less than 4stone (she was only 44cm when born and is the smallest in her class, but certainly not skinny) and I'm now worried she will be well behind her friends.

In the last few months I've noticed her legs are a lot hairier and she seems to have a dry discharge on her pants, so I had thought that was the very early signs kicking in.

Sanesometimes1 Wed 28-Sep-11 17:39:09

don't think weight has anything to do with it - my dd was/still is very slim, sure she was no way 7 stone when puberty started, everyone is different though and i would not be worrying at all now if she is only 10.

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