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Will the doc just go hmmm if I mention the connection between reflux and tongue tie?

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mawbroon Tue 27-Sep-11 19:09:59

I posted this earlier in breast and bottle feeding, but thought I would put it on here too.

I have only just come across this idea [of reflux and toungue tie being connected] (on MN of course!) and need to raise it with the paed next week.

DS1 is almost 6 and suffering terribly with reflux. He is on omeprazole and the doc said, "he might have to take this for life".

It's not really made much difference to him and I am going to mention the tongue tie connection, but am fully expecting to be told that it is nonsense.

I am not 100% sure that ds1 has a tongue tie, but looking back to his babyhood and our breastfeeding experience, there are many things that indicate that he is slightly ttd. eg lipstick shaped/blanched nipples, woefully inefficient feeding which took forever with weight gain which was not particularly great (his weight rocketed once we did blw at 6months). There is a little slit at the end of his tongue,but apart from that, it looks normal to my untrained eye, and he has no probs with speech or sticking his tongue out etc. I have since learned lots about the normal course of breastfeeding, and experienced it first hand with ds2, so I can confidently say with hindsight, that there was definitely a problem of some sort.

And again, I am not 100% sure, but he could well have had silent reflux as a baby. He cried a lot for the first 12 weeks. In fact, he pretty much cried if he wasn't latched on. There was nothing much to differentiate between one feed and the next, and he only started going 2hrs betweeh feeds at around 12 weeks. He wouldn't sleep at night unless he was latched on and seemed to want to nurse way more than any other toddlers I came across.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? Maybe I am clutching at straws with this theory, but the doc seemed very quick to suggest a lifetime of drugs

Heliopolis Tue 27-Sep-11 20:09:30

DD had silent reflux only and DS had tongue tie AND silent reflux too. I've never heard of a connection before. He had his tongue snipped at 6 days old because it was interfering with his feeding so much. He is now 14 months and still suffering from silent reflux.
Tongue tie is only obvious when you look underneath the tongue, at the little bit of membrane, does it prevent him from sticking out his tongue very far?
It sounds very much as though your DS had tongue tie and subsequent difficulties feeding at first from that. I do know that the need to latch on constantly can also be a reflux symptom - DS is still at it at 14 months - but definitely no tongue tie with him now. I am interested to know if there really is a connection!

mawbroon Thu 29-Sep-11 10:00:14

Hi heliopolis, thanks for replying.

I have been reading a bit more and it really does look like ds1 is tongue tied. The thing is that he can stick his tongue out, doesn't have any trouble with speech except for the tiniest little lisp which is barely detectable, and it doesn't appear to be giving him any problems, apart from the gastro stuff which may or may not be linked.

I have noticed that there are two little strings attached to his bottom gum and they do seem to be slightly pulling the gum out of shape, so I think I will take him along to the dentist if no joy with the doc. Perhaps the dentist would think it needed released from an orthodontic point of view which would be helpful if the gastro people don't think it's relevant.

I also think that DH is tongue tied. He has several of the symptoms, and MIL said he had speech therapy for a lisp when he was a child. She seemed to think this was something to do with his tongue, but couldn't remember the details.

I so wish that I had known about this when we were having the feeding problems when he was a baby. It would have made life a whole lot easier!!

oldraver Wed 05-Oct-11 13:00:27

DS2 is 5.8 and still has Reflux. The HV confirmed he had a Tongue Tie when he was about 7 months (lots of things did add up, not being very good with b/f etc) but by then she said it wasnt worth following up as he was 'coping'. He has a slight lisp but his speech is brilliant and you can see the tie but other than that it doesnt bother him. He can stick his tongue out but not very far.

I have never heard of the connection with Reflux... I hadn't heard of Tongue Tie until I saw it mentioned on another website, asked a few quiestions had a light bulb moment then saw the HV. I really do think it should be part of the newborn check and it makes me so cross they dont as its so simple to rectify. DS, too had lots of feeding problems which caused lots of stress he could of done without.

mawbroon Wed 05-Oct-11 14:31:43

Hi oldraver. I feel exactly the same. If this had been detected when ds1 was born, it would have saved a lot of pain and stress.

Have you come across this? Dr Brian Palmer

It makes very interesting reading, and it all seems to make sense in relation to ds1. I just hope that the docs agree with me and agree to deal with it for us. It could have been a quick simple snip when he was a baby, but by his age, he will at least need sedated, if not a GA sad

mawbroon Mon 10-Oct-11 13:38:09

UPDATE - well, the appointment went pretty well. I was expecting the tongue tie thing to be dismissed, but the doc listened to what I had to say.

They are going to do an endoscopy first and then if that shows nothing out of the ordinary (like ulcers or hernia for eg), then they will consider the tongue tie issue.

I understand why they want to do this, but poor ds1 is feeling so bad, I wish we could just get it done straight away. sad

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