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31/2 wk Vomiting & diarheoa bug in 16mth old! :-(

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Tras Mon 26-Sep-11 18:44:02

Hi, writing on behalf of my friend really. Her little boy is still being sick and has diarheoa every day. His wee face has became so gaunt, has black circles under his eyes etc. She has been back to the Doctors who have tested his poo and results have come back clear. They just said that this can happen sometimes and as long as he isn't dehydrated there is no need to worry. Has this happened with any of your kiddies? Should she restrict his diet or give supplements etc? I think one of the doctors told her to give him one of those yoghurt drinks. Surely there is something else that can be done? :-(

dikkertjedap Mon 26-Sep-11 19:08:29

Clearly it is crucial to ensure that he doesn't get dehydrated. Also very good hygiene to avoid cross/re- infection. It may help if he is still breast fed. Is this really going on for 3.5 weeks? If so, I would see a paediatrician rather than GP and if cannot be referred quickly either go private if that is an option or go to A&E. Seems just too long a time.

Tras Mon 26-Sep-11 20:32:30

Yes, they all got it at the same time and whilst the rest of them got better it has just dragged on for him. I was shocked when I saw him yesterday, he has lost so much weight and his wee cheeks that were normally so chubby had just shrunk! He looks like a totally different child. She has been back to the G.P twice and actually took him to the Out of Hours doctor as well. I think she feels that her G.P knows best and what else can she do really? On Sun morning he had four runny nappies in a row and whilst we were there he vomited all over the kitchen. She is worried. The Out of Hours told her to just feed him rice and carrots??? Not sure y! She does have an health care insurance in her work but i dont think her G.P would refer her if they are saying she shouldn't worry.

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