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countydurhamlass Mon 26-Sep-11 17:53:50

Hi, think my son had conjunctivitis. i cannot get into the doctors until tomorrow at the earliest. other than bathing in warm water is there anything else i can do to help?

dikkertjedap Mon 26-Sep-11 18:34:51

I would boil some water and mix it with salt (sea salt if you have it) and let it cool and then wash his eyes (separately with clean bowl and clean water each time to prevent cross infection). Some people use chamomile tea. Avoid rubbing the eyes, don't share towels, pillows etc as it is highly infectious. He will probably get anti biotic eye drops/ointment. It is very important to complete the recommended cure, even if it is better after 2-3 days as it can come back with a vengeance. Good luck.

countydurhamlass Mon 26-Sep-11 19:23:32

won't that sting?

dikkertjedap Mon 26-Sep-11 19:30:03

I would only use half a teaspoon of sea salt in a ramekin with boiled water, than cover and let cool in fridge or freezer. Can't remember if it stung, don't think so, sea salts disinfectants. Best is to see GP tomorrow but in meantime this may bring some relief.

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