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Worried about my daughters height ...

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Hannahmum35 Mon 26-Sep-11 11:58:44

My oldest is 8 year old - both my husband and my families are 95% above standard height, she has now turned 8 and her height is 116cm and her weight is 18kg.

One of her sisters whom is 5 years old is just as tall as her. She has never been a great eater but it is only in the last year I am getting worried she is not growing - i don`t think she has grown at all in the last year.

I have now made an appointment with our GP to discuss, I am not taking her with me initially as i don`t want her to feel this is an issue at all. She is the oldest, but also the smallest of her class altough this does not bother her I am worried.

Is there anyone with a similar issue who can advice me what to discuss about with the GP and if there is anything to be done about?

Hannah ;)

Bramshott Mon 26-Sep-11 12:03:31

Hmm. My 8yo is only 120cm tall, but both DH and I are fairly short. Sounds like it would be a good idea to discuss it with the GP - if they think it's a problem they can referr her to a paediatrician.

Hannahmum35 Mon 26-Sep-11 12:09:11

I am 1m75 and my husband is 1m79 ... i don`t mind her not being tall, but i am just worried she is not growing at all and it might be due to her poor diet, she really hates food.

DeWe Mon 26-Sep-11 12:58:51

Sounds like my pair.
Dd1 has not grown much in the last three years. She's 10, and her dd2 is 7. Dd2 is about an inch shorter than her. But dd2 is very tall.
Dd1 was the tallest in her form in reception, but now is on the small side.
The dr has been watching her height (and weight) for a couple of years as she has hardly grown. But in the last few months she has had a very small growth spurt, so I think it's just her, not something wrong. It was picked up when she had pneumonia.
I would get her checked though, it can be reassuring. When dd1 seemed to be loosing weight, then they were thinking about various blood tests, including coeliac and thyroid.

Although she does get annoyed when her and dd2 are asked if they're twins. grin

ibbydibby Mon 26-Sep-11 13:09:34

Have had similar(ish) concerns about DS1 - at age 10 he was 21kg and just about off the bottom of the percentiles chart. Not sure of his height then, but now at 14 he is still massively underweight and in the very low percentiles for height.

I mentioned this to GP a year ago and she referred him to paediatrician, who listened to his history (induced at 37 weeks due to suspected IUGR) and said at this stage he is not unduly concerned - but will review in a year. DS has not yet started puberty (or at least only in very early stages) and that was a good thing as thiis is when growth is really expected to take off (fingers crossed). DS due to be seen again in Jan, so not sure what will happen then.

Suggest you simply say to GP that you are concerned about her growth. GP may not be concerned, but at least you will have it noted in DD's records, in case you have concerns in the future. Or as Bramshott says, GP may refer you.

I have found it useful to measure both DCs, on a tatty old wall. I simply mark and label their heights, and doing this every few months/when I remember does give me some assurance that both DS2 and DS1 are growing, just that DS1's growth is slower. DS2 4 years younger, but almost as tall as DS1.

Ultimately I have resigned myself to the fact that DS1 is going to be small - not one of the huge strapping lads that you see so many of these days. Unless he surprises me...

BiscuitsandBaileys Mon 26-Sep-11 13:47:22

My dd is 8 in a couple of weeks and is also 116cm.
The school nurse did a routine height and weight check in reception or year 1 (I can't remember!) and because she was on the small side she came back and checked her 6 months later. As she hadn't grown much she was referred to a growth clinic. Myself and dh are fairly short, but they said even taking that into account she is small.
She had to have a blood test to rule out a genetic condition (sorry, not trying to worry you) as her little fingers curve in, which is one of the signs of Turners syndrome. The doctor said if the results came back negative, which they did, then he doesn't need to see her any more as she is just short!
She is happy and healthy and doesn't have a problem with being one of the smallest in her class, even though she is one of the eldest, it's just other people who feel the need to comment angry "oh look x is so much taller than dd even though she's younger grrrrr!
I would see your doctor to put your mind at ease.

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