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rapid breathing in older babies.

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argylesocks Sun 25-Sep-11 10:15:55

Hi, my son is 20 weeks old this week and we've been dealing with a breathing issue since he was born.

We have an appointment at Great Ormond Street next month but I'm starting to get panicky in advance of it and want to see if anyone else had had a similar issue.

He's had rapid breathing (trachypnea) since birth, his respiratory rate varies from 50 to 100+. It doesn't come and go, its never a normal rate.

I know transient trachypnea is normal for some babies and usually disappears after a few days so this is obviously a bigger problem since it's been going on for 5 months and hasn't improved.

He's had so many tests done, EKG, chest xray, metabolic blood scan, blood gasses, abdominal scan, and EVERYTHING has come back normal. That's great, I know, but it leaves us with no answers.

I'm afraid we won't find anything out at the appointment at GOSH and that they'll just want to do more tests.

It seems like rapid breathing extending beyond a few weeks is really rare and we have no idea what the causes or consequences might be.

Has anyone else dealt with or heard of a similar problem? DS seems normal and healthy in every other way.

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