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dentist for 6yo - private?

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olguis Fri 23-Sep-11 11:46:48

DS is registered with a local south London dentist. Turns out the dentist now gone, and he had been the niciest of three of them in that clinic. Even then, he kept making fillings that would get out in a week or so. I asked if other materials could be used with children, as it is ridiculous (you might as well just put some bluetack in), - he would say that's what they use for children.
Now, I wonder if I should go private with DS (other dentist in that clinic prescribed me antibiotics for a tooth problem 3 times in 6 months!). Any advice on where and how good ones can be found and how much it can cost would be very much appreciated.

juliegillard Fri 23-Sep-11 22:12:54

Hi there

I would highly recommend Toothbeary. They have one near Kingston, and new branch that I haven't seen yet in Windsor.

My son has a problem with his enamel caused by having a meningitus-like viral infection at 6 weeks old. I took him to Toothbeary after the NHS recommended removing 3 teeth and just leaving the other affected ones to rot until they caused too much pain.

When he was aged just a little over 3, Toothbearies did 4 fillings and put crowns on top of two of the affected teeth, all in one session that took about half an hour. They used concious sedation so that he wasn't even subjected to general anesthetic. We are now nearly 3 years on and he has had absolutely no problems since. And because we saved all his baby teeth he shouldn't have orthodontic problems going forward. Had the NHS had their way his adult would have been a right old mess because the baby ones act as 'guidelines' for positioning of the adult ones.

catsareevil Fri 23-Sep-11 22:19:34

They can use little metal caps in milk teeth, with flouride paste underneath. Apparently fillings are notorious for falling out of milk teeth.
My private dentist offers both caps and fillings for milk teeth, though strongly recommends caps. Both cost the same.

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