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pfb has slight temp - wwyd?

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Moulesfrites Thu 22-Sep-11 20:40:58

Noticed when I put ds, 8mo, to be tonight that he felt a bit hot. Took temp and has gone up to 38.4. He has been teething the past few days. He is asleep now - would you wake to give calpol or burofen or wait til he wakes up - he usually wakes at 10 for a feed?

nethunsreject Thu 22-Sep-11 20:42:52

I'd wait.

LidlVoice Thu 22-Sep-11 20:43:18

I would wait until he wakes, but keep an eye on him just to make sure his temp hasn't risen dramatically. Do you have an ear/forehead thermometer that you can use while he's sleeping? I imagine it's the teething, but he could be coming down with a cold. It's all such a worry when they're little isn't it? I'm sure he'll be fine, but just keep an eye out until he wakes.

Sirzy Thu 22-Sep-11 20:44:15

If he was asleep I would leave him be, just take any covers off him.

Hassled Thu 22-Sep-11 20:45:16

Never wake a sleeping baby, FGS. Just have the Calpol primed and ready to go for when he wakes.

Moulesfrites Thu 22-Sep-11 20:47:37

yes I have been sticking the ear thermometer in his ear every 20 mins! Thanks for the advice, will wait but keep checking. He is in a sleeping bag - should I just open it up?

Conundrumish Thu 22-Sep-11 20:51:19

I'd give the calpol without waking! If it rises, you'll be awake all night worrying, so you may as well give it now.

Moulesfrites Thu 22-Sep-11 21:16:56

ok just heard him stirring so went up and gave nurofen. Then he started straining and filled his nappy - very odd yellowy slimy poo - not loose or watery though. Could this be related to the teething or the temp? His bum looks v red too. will check to see if nurofen has affected temp in a bit.

MrsBradleyCooper Thu 22-Sep-11 21:22:22

My ds has had nappies like this when he was younger - looked as if someone with a stinking cold had blown their nose in his napppy - vile.

Possibly teeth, or maybe a little tummy bug.

I think this has happened to ds when he's had a cold and been swallowing lots of catarrh.

Hope he feels better soon smile

bumbleymummy Thu 22-Sep-11 21:31:45

It really isn't that high a temp and if it isn't causing him discomfort ( you would know about it if it was!) then I would just leave him be. Sleep is the best thing for him. I'm going to come down on the side of slight tummy bug rather than teeth. Hopefully the fever will help sort it out and he'll be right as rain in the morning. Is he in with you so you can keep an eye on him? I always like to keep them close when they're a bit poorly.

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