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undescended testicles - what happens?

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kalo12 Wed 21-Sep-11 20:52:05

had post natal check yesterday and 10 week ds has an undescended testicle. What is the procedure? Is it fairly common? Are there any further long term problems?

foolonthehill Wed 21-Sep-11 23:05:16

Surgery is simple as is a bit like a hernia repair assuming the testicle is lodged in the inguinal canal...a little more tricky if it is still in the abdomen but still not too bad.

Basically when the baby boy is in the womb the testes develop in the abdomen (tummy) and then gradually track down inside the body to the groin and out into the scrotal sac. Sometimes the process isn't completed on either one or both sides when the testicle is called undescended or mal-descended.

It is very important to correct as the testes need to be kept cooler than the core body temperature for future fertility and to prevent tumours.

Long term there may be a slight increased risk of inguinal hernia but these are common in men anyway.

Risks if boy does not have the op is much much higher.

Hope this helps

kalo12 Thu 22-Sep-11 08:09:22

thanks foolonthe hill

GibberingGinger Sat 24-Sep-11 22:55:34

At what age do they operate normally? My son's undecended testicles were noted at his 6 week check and they said they would probably come down of their own accord. When I pointed out at his 1 year MMR that they were still undecended they refered me to hospital. I'm waiting on the appointment, but I am under the impression it is for a scan to find out where the balls are (probably up round his tonsils somewhere hmm, I've certainly never felt/seen them!) I'm curious as to what happens once they find them, how long to they wait to see if they descend on their own before they operate? Now whilst they are babies, or nearer puberty?

4lizardsandababy Sat 24-Sep-11 23:07:59

They will do the operation now GibberingGinger whilst he is still young.
They will normally give it a year to descend and if it hasn't by his 1st Birthday the referal process will begin.

It is a very simple procedure done as a day case and is fairly common.

My DS had this but at our hospital appt the Dr reassured me the testicle had indeed dropped it was just smaller than the other one!
Slightly embarrassing as I'm a peadiatric nurse and really should have known! But happy that he now doesn't need the op!

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