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Can we start a new asthma support thread now dreaded winter season is looming?

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Knackeredmother Wed 21-Sep-11 09:26:41

I can't seem to find the old support thread. I lurked on it during many long, lonely and frightening nights and admissions with ds over the past year and a half.
My ds is 21 months now, was hospitalized at 8 weeks severe bronchiolitis (really thought he would die) then every 3-4 weeks since whenever he gets a cold. No symptoms in between colds but a wet, crackly chest with some wheeze with every cold. Plus of course the dreaded tracheal tug and sternal recession that heralds an admission.
It is all so bloody draining and heartbreaking!
We are just starting with a new bout today after a whole 8 weeks of being well. I am debating whether to call in sick for my nightshift tonight or leave poor hubby with an inevitable hospital admission AND our 4 year old!
Anyway, would be good to hear from others going through similar so we can all support each other ( or direct me to the original support thread!)

Sirzy Sat 24-Sep-11 19:09:27

Hi Snapes!

With DS I know if he starts wheezing it is bad as normally he doesn't wheeze he just gets breathless and grumpy. If that carries on after a big dose of ventolin I know he needs to head to A and E. Also if there is any signs of the chest recessing or rapid breathing that needs checking. How old is she? Pixie who used to post on these had a rule of thumb which was if they can't sing a nursery rhyme without getting breathless then they need checking - obviously only good if they are old enough to talk though!!

Knackered - pleased you are finally getting answers, hopefully this gets it all sorted for him and you wont have to many more hospital trips x

Knackeredmother Sat 24-Sep-11 19:27:02

Snapes, I generally know it's time to go when the recession starts ( pulling in between the lungs, the sternum/breast bone sinking, tracheal tug/ hollow under the chin with every breath, belly inflating with each breath) and when 10 puffs of ventolin don't last 4 hours.
Fingers crossed for a hospital free night for everyone.

Knackeredmother Sat 24-Sep-11 19:28:03

That should have read'pulling in between the ribs' not lungs. Oops!

alibobins Sat 24-Sep-11 19:34:16

Managed to stay at home till 3 this afternoon when ds2 was wheezing hot grumpy and restless sad after a nebuliser at out of hours we were sent home to see how he goes but I am not happy they didn't take a history or even listen to his chest as he was upset they could see he wasn't happy hence the nebuliser she disn't even check his sats. He is just starting to get out of breath again sad I will take him to main hospital if he gets worse as they know him.

Lady at out of hours said I could give him an extra dose steroid inhalor at lunch times never been told this before?

knackered ds1 has got an endobronchail infection that is why he's on azithromycin mon wed and fri his bloods always show a slight infection and xray's show a cloudy area.

Sirzy Sat 24-Sep-11 19:38:44

I have always found OOH worse than the GP with DS! We have now been told that any concerns we have to skip GP and OOH and go straight to A and E - was nice to be told that rather than feel like a time waster!

Hope he is better soon and you manage to stay out of hospital.

My sister used to all in more steroid inhaler at lunch when she was ill (15 years ago though!) not sure how effective it is as I thought it took time to work but I guess it does no harm to try!

sittinginthesun Sat 24-Sep-11 19:54:05

Hi everyone

My DS2, aged 4, has mild asthma, almost the same symptoms as me. Thankfully, he gas never been really poorly, but every cold goes straight to his chest and in the bad old days, pre diagnosis, he would cough himself sick nightly for months. He lost so much weight, looked exhausted ...

Just wanted to say to those posters who are asking about colds and inhalers - we saw a specialist nurse last year. She has now said to use the brown inhaler all year round, double the dose during the first two weeks September, and again last two weeks of December, as these are the trigger times for colds etc.

Fingers crossed, it is working. DS has just got over a cold last week, but only needed blue inhaler at bedtime.

sillyworriedmama Sat 24-Sep-11 20:45:41

has anyone else gone dairy free or very reduced dairy diets with their DC? I'd appreciate any tips/advice on what you replaced it with. DS is 14mo and I'm worried about him not eating enough calories/calcium etc. Apparently it will help with his mucous. Don't worry if not, I might start another thread for it if no-one has any particular advice...

dribbleface Sat 24-Sep-11 20:47:58

sillyworriedmama - think if you are gonna cut it out completely you should ask your GP for support. I looked after a little boy who had prescription formula and we used to make up milk puddings etc with this.

sillyworriedmama Sat 24-Sep-11 20:55:22

thanks dribbleface, the consultant said not completely - ie we can keep one fromage frais, or some cheese, but that we should phase out milk. It's a bit of a bugger because I don't know what else to give him. I have been offered dietician support at our next review but that's March!! Six months is a long time to just wing it. I may ask my GP at our next appt (thurs) if he can be a bit more specific.

sillyworriedmama Sat 24-Sep-11 20:55:51

(I mean one fromage frais a day lol - one forever would be a bit minimalist!)

dribbleface Sat 24-Sep-11 21:01:49

i agree 6 mths is a long time to wait for help! I would ask GP about formula etc.. we did cut down DS's yoghurts etc at one stage but it made little difference to him, and to be honest he was an avid milk refuser from about 9mths so wasn't an issue for us at that point.

Hoping someone else with more ideas might pop up soon.

Knackeredmother Sat 24-Sep-11 22:37:14

Alibobins has the azithromycin helped?
That was the original plan for ds but the oncall consultant has given 3 weeks of erythromycin instead. He's really struggling with diarrhoea from this so we've now been told to halve the dosr.
I'm not convinced and think he should be on the azithromycin for longer like your ds.

cantpackwontpack Sun 25-Sep-11 12:18:10

Hi all, just popping in to say hi. I was fairly active on the old thread (used to be Suiledonne) My dd1 is 5.4 now and is doing very well lately. We normally don't make it through September without a hospital admission but so far so good. She started on Seretide a few months ago after developing a night cough on top of her usual cold-triggered asthma and it has done wonders. She now can get a cold and get through it without intervention.

As a precaution I bought a oximeter a few weeks ago. I dread those nights of watching and waiting so I thought if I had the oximeter I could keep an eye on her oxygen levels and be able to see if the nebuliser was having an effect.
I'm hoping it turns out to be a complete waste of money and we never have to use it grin

The change of seasons is always hard on her though and her eczema has flared up badly in the last few weeks.

suejh Sun 25-Sep-11 15:42:28

Hi all. My dd 15 months had broncilitus and colapsed lung at 6 months old and ended up in hospital for 5 nights. Now every time she gets a cold she gets very bad breathing again, its such a worry. I saw people have writen about going on a dairy free diet to help there lo. My dd is on completely hyperallergic milk and hasn't had any form of dairy since she was 11 weeks old, she still has lots of problems still :-( sorry. I do think it is ment to help tho.

alibobins Sun 25-Sep-11 16:26:35

Knackered- It has helped loads he has been on it before when he was around 2 for a year then things improved but then around 4 months ago he was re started on it. The consultant has spoke about putting ds1 on a low dose of pred but as a last option.

Ds2 has had a very rocky night I am going to see gp first thing in the morning as I think he has a chest infection sad managing on 3/4 hourly inhalers at mo so I am happyish

Ds2 has been dairy free since birth so not sure how much it helps.

roliepolie Tue 27-Sep-11 14:44:20

Hi all just joined up when i saw this thread.DD 2yrs 4mths has had 3 bouts of pneumonia and a few lesser chest infections and been hospitalised twice.Took her to a respiratory consultant who looked at the xrays and said he thinks she is asthmatic.He cahanged her inhaler to flixotide and have to keep steroids in the problem now is when is she bad enough to give them as she only finished a course two wks ago..just dreading the long winter months at this stage

cedmonds Tue 27-Sep-11 16:40:34

I was on the old thread. Ds has been doing really well over the summer until yesterday and i think he has got a chest infection again was on nebs last night and today. He has just flopped all day and hasn't eaten a thing. Back to the gp for us i think i just hope he can get though it with out going blue all the time like last year.
As for avoiding milk etc it has really helped ds. He was dairy free as a baby then went back to having it for a year and that has been the worst year for hospital admissions.

sillywmama Tue 27-Sep-11 21:03:36

hi cedmonds, I hope your DS is doing better now? welcome to the thread roliepolie smile in the nicest possible way, I wish there were less of us who had to be here!

I'm settling in for a night of sleeping with one ear and one eye open tonight. DS just got up with the tell tale wet, hacking cough - he's super bubbly and wet on his chest. It's been building up a bit with a few night wakings over the past 2-3 days, and tonight he's just had an hour of earsplitting screaming working himself up into a right paddywack and wheezing, until he vomited a huge amount of mucous yet again. Nothing much helps when he's like this. We've given the green inhaler, he's not got any significant pulling in at the ribs, so we've settled him back down to sleep by walking round for ages in the buggy, so he's upright when he falls back to sleep. It's fairly mild tonight, but I'm not looking forwards to nights when it's rainy and cold outside and we can't go out for the midnight stroll sad

I'm lucky that there is an asthma drop in clinic where I live for children on Thursdays. Depending on what happens between now and then I'm going to go for dietary advice and a winter care plan review.

Sirzy Tue 27-Sep-11 21:09:59

The drop in clinic sounds like a fantastic idea!! Wish we had something like that here.

DS is still plodding on nicely as long as I'm not mean mummy and make him walk for more than 10 mins at a time!

sillywmama Tue 27-Sep-11 21:25:51

I know, we are very, very lucky Sirzy. There are community asthma nurses who visit at home, and the last time DS's came to visit she told me about the clinic, which is every Thursday. There is even an out of hours emergency call number which we used in the early days of his diagnosis, before we really knew what was A&E-worthy and what was 'wait and see'. I wish we didn't need it though!

suiledonn1 Tue 27-Sep-11 22:14:50

Hi cedmonds, I recognise you from the old thread and Sirzy too, I think.

I've changed back to similar to my old username. Was cantpackwontpack earlier on this thread but Suiledonn suits me better smile

As regards the persistent infection when dd1 first started having chest infections she went from antibiotic to antibiotic without ever being fully well. It was only when it came to a crisis when she was 19 months and rushed to hospital by ambulance that they did an extra which showed a patch of infection. The consultant reckoned that this infection was not clearing with oral antibiotics so she was put on intravenous and x-rayed again to make sure it was cleared. That, and the brown inhaler, was the start of a big improvement for her.

I've come to the conclusion that dd is allergic to September. Everything seems to go wrong for her at this time of year.

I feel like I am the only one hoping for a hard winter like we had the last two years as her asthma and skin improve loads when it is freezing outside.

Sirzy Tue 27-Sep-11 22:19:02

I'm dreading winter! Last 2 winters slightest sign of snow seems to coincide with hospital visits! His first admission it was a struggle to actually get to the hospital!

suiledonn1 Tue 27-Sep-11 22:29:40

Sorry to hear that Sirzy. Wishing you a lovely mild winter in your neck of the woods and subzero all the way in mine grin

cedmonds Wed 28-Sep-11 08:29:24

Hi suiledonn i have always said that ds is allergic to September it is always when his asthma starts to flare up.It is then hard to get it back in control again for the rest of the winter.

HattiFattner Fri 30-Sep-11 07:35:37

Gaarrghh! Hello all, we're baaaaack! September/october rolls around and BAM! young master hatti the preteen grumpy one is wheezing away. A day off school today, I think as he has been like a set of old bellows overnight and recessions thismorning, although thankfully they have eased after his normal dose of flixootide/serevent plus a couple of ventolin.

I hate this time of year!

Action stations today on his bedroom - clean bed, new pillows, vax carpet, air room. sigh

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