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9 month old, vomit and the runs.

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DuelingFanjo Tue 20-Sep-11 22:09:50

I took DS to the GP today to have him checked over as he had vomited twice in the last 2 days. Once during the night and another straight after a feed at bedtime (he is breastfed) both times it was just milk. He has had a cold - I had it, sore throat, blocked nose etc - and so he's been quite miserable. He had settling in at the Nursery last week (Was supposed to start there this week) and I think he must have caught the bug/cold from there.

GP said his chest, mouth and ears seem fine and that it's probably the mucus from the snot causing him to vomit.

He vomited again tonight, about 2 and a half hours after a feed. Inbetween the vomiting (Which is projectile) he is really quite chirpy, smily, feeding well and playing and so on. Today he's had about 4 dirty nappies, all yellow and decreasing in volume but increasing in fluidity. I know because he's been off solids and breastfeeding more often his Poo will change but I just wondered if anyone can reassure me that this is normal for a baby with a bad cold?

He is also teething and his nose did get very runny when the first two teeth came through so along with the runny poo I am wondering if this could be part cold, part teething.

Should I just trust my instinct the vomit is only ever milk and he's fairly chirpy during the day apart from when he's really snotty. Is it something he just needs to ride out or should I be going to the GP daily?

chocolateteabag Tue 20-Sep-11 22:45:37

My DS has had a couple of colds since starting nursery in July (he;s now 10.5 months) He was often sick - clearing out mucus which seemed to make him feel better.

Keep offering bf/food/water as often as poss to make sure he is hydrated and ride it out. He will get better!

My DS currently has a bout of diarrhea - we are on day 5 now and he has a vv sore bum, Not sure if it is a virus or teething - either way he is working through all his clothing leaking poo everywhere!

At least they get through them now and not when they are starting school!

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