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Is there something you can give a 6 year old to stop wind?

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windease Mon 19-Sep-11 13:24:36

I can't get to doctors till tomorrow and 6 year old is embarrassed to go to school as he has very bad wind . He is being investigated for food intolerances; he has possible coeliacs etc. but while the slow cogs of the NHS turn he has terrible farts! And the teacher has been mentioning them which I think is well out of order and I'm seeing her on Wed to discuss, but meanwhile he is hating everyone at school noticing.

windease Mon 19-Sep-11 15:50:38


Flisspaps Mon 19-Sep-11 15:52:17

I think you need to speak to the teacher before Wednesday if she's mentioning it in class. Is she already aware that it's very likely to be down to a medical condition, and not just a 6 year old thinking that trumping in class is funny?

windease Tue 20-Sep-11 12:39:08

Yes I phoned the school and spoke to the head of lower school who passed the message on to the teacher, but I'll actually be meeting with the teacher Wed.

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