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My DD2 is 19 months and waking up at night

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mummytomatildaandrose Mon 19-Sep-11 11:03:02

Ok, so here is the situation. I have one issue which I think could be caused by one or both of two things. My DD2 is going to be 19 months old tomorrow and has always been an excellent sleeper unless teething. All her teeth are now through apart from the last few big molars and there are no signs of them yet. Since about the end of August she has been waking up two or three times a night. Sometimes she settles herself without me going in to her, and sometimes she is sitting bolt upright in bed screaming. I first thought that these might be attributable to bad dreams or night terrors as we have experienced these with her sister, but I'm not so sure. She had a particularly bad reaction to the MMR jab which she had in the middle of august, and now I am not so sure if these sleeping patterns have been a direct result of the MMR. Or my other theory is that she is going through a massive growth spurt and is just hungry. Does anyone have experience of this and are either of my theories right?? Either way this is an issue for us as I am due today with our third child, so could really do with resolving this before I have to deal with two sleepless babies!!! Thanks!

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