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how long for broken toe to heal?

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basildonbond Sun 18-Sep-11 22:58:10

I'm pretty sure dd (8) has broken her little toe - she ran into the bottom of the stairs at full speed earlier and it's still v painful and swollen

It's her second to last toe and I'm pretty sure there's not a lot of treatment possible other than painkillers, but I was just wondering how long it'll take before she starts feeling better - she loves netball and swimming and ballet and will be miserable if she can't join in for more than a day or two sad

If it is broken, expect about a month before it's anywhere near normal....

My DD broke middle toe last year and was on crutches for around a month, then a couple of weeks of getting back to usual activities after that....

I would take her to A&E to get it confirmed as broken - they may not do much, but they will make sure it is set in the correct position so it should heal properly, and advice we got was no weight bearing to begin with too....

Not sure if same for outer toes, but for bigger/middle ones, every step puts pressure onto the toes and interferes with it healing....

basildonbond Mon 19-Sep-11 07:40:44

Thanks but oh dear, I'm not going to have a very happy dd

She still can't put any weight on it so we're off to face the joy of paediatric A&E on a Monday morning ...

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