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mouth ulcers.....

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stump Sat 17-Sep-11 13:59:59

Just discovered poor DS age 2 has got a mouth full of ulcers.....mainly on his bottom lip but also on both sides of his mouth....they seem to have appeared this morning...googled and started reading about hand, foot and mouth this likely? would he be ill with it? No other symptoms except very slightly warmer than normal although I wouldn't say he has a temperature!
Can I give him anything for them?

RightUpMyRue Sat 17-Sep-11 17:38:26

It is very likely to hand, foot and mouth.

Here's the NHS choices pages on H,F&M.

I don't see why you can't use bonjela on the ulcers, except it doesn't really work. Some parecetamol or ibruprofen if he's in pain or feverish and just wait it out.

Hope he feels better soon.

stump Sun 18-Sep-11 05:11:37

thanks - been up for the last few hours as his mouth is so sore....tried both paracetamol and ibuprofen to ease the pain but doesn't seem to be working....nothing yet on hands and feet but am convinced its hand foot and mouth.

allhailtheaubergine Sun 18-Sep-11 05:56:38

Do you have any custard powder in the cupboard? A bit of custard powder dabbed on an ulcer is very soothing. I swear by it.

hazeyjane Sun 18-Sep-11 05:57:50

anbesol liquid is very good for ulcers.

stump Sun 18-Sep-11 06:34:26

thanks no custard powder or anbesol....will have to wait to find a pharmacy open later - or wait til the shop opens for custard powder! Thanks again.
If it is hand. foot and mouth does he need to see a dr or should i just treat at home....i guess actually it would be nice to have it confirmed that that is what it is...

stump Sun 18-Sep-11 18:04:28

well.....been to out of hours dr as DS was simply beside himself - his mouth is so sore. GP didn't think it was hand, foot and mouth as no blisters anywhere else....he has diagnosed oral thrush and my DH spent the afternoon trying to track down some nystatin to give him. He's had his first dose....I'm not too convinced - hes had a temp of 38.7 this pm and has hardly drunk or eaten anything.....he smells ill if you know what I mean....anyway does anyone have any experience of oral thrush could it really be this painful/make him seem so off colour? Got a feeling I will be back up at the dr tomorrow but we shall see what tonight brings.....

RightUpMyRue Sun 18-Sep-11 21:34:14

Oral thrush can be quite sore. Does it look thrushy? i.e white patches, red shiny patches or is it just ulcers?

Taken from the NHS choices page I linked to up the thread:

"Symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease

Symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease usually appear three to five days after infection with the virus. They last for 7 to 10 days before disappearing on their own.

Some people with hand, foot and mouth disease do not develop any symptoms.

If an adult develops the disease, their symptoms will usually be much milder than those of a child.
Early symptoms

The first symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease include:

fever and feeling unwell,
loss of appetite,
sore throat, and
small red spots in the mouth, throat and skin.

Later symptoms
Mouth lesions

After one or two days, red spots in the mouth will develop into painful ulcers, particularly around the tongue, gums and inside of the cheeks. It may be difficult to eat, drink and swallow.
Skin rash

Any red spots on the skin will turn into a non-itchy rash over the following one to two days. The spots are flat or raised, sometimes with blisters, and smaller than chickenpox sores.

The rash develops on the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet and between the fingers and toes. In some cases, spots also develop on the buttocks and genitals."

Looking at that it seems the skin rash will come in a day or two.

Poor DS sad

stump Mon 19-Sep-11 08:38:35

Thanks RightupmyRue.....I'm still none the wiser but he does seem a bit better in himself this morning and temp is down.....I guess time will tell....I'll take him up to my own GP if he gets worse again...
There isn't any white in his mouth its more red and it does look like ulcers to me....still i guess the nystatin can't do any harm and hopefully he will start eating again soon.

meep Mon 19-Sep-11 08:54:01

stump, my 2yo has just had hand foot and mouth disease. Her mouth was really sore for a couple of days before the spots appeared. Weirdly she got the spots mostly on her bottom, then up the back of her legs. She eventually got some on her hands and feet (blisters on her feet) and by that time she was feeling much better. I would say she was at her most miserable before the spots came out - and she couldn't eat anything apart from overcooked pasta and icecream!!

I did get a mouth spray from the doctor which helped a bit. Lots of calpol and nurofen helped her eat and sleep. She was better within a week.

Hope your ds feels better soon.

sneezecakesmum Mon 19-Sep-11 20:16:54

I think your DD has primary herpes simplex, the cold sore virus. Can be picked up anywhere, transferred hand to mouth. Symptoms are mild fever, multiple mouth ulcers, swollen red gums, bad breath and lots of pain mouth wise. Toddlers are very prone and the first time they get this they react as your DD. GPs are rubbish at diagnosing it - see a dentist! btw oral thrush does not cause fevers. Treatment is max pain relief, bland food and lots of non acidic fluids.

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