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How much piriton can I give DS?

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thelittlebluepills Fri 16-Sep-11 19:28:13

DS2 (3) has had a couple of allergic reactions in the last two days - suddenly coming up in a nettle rash pattern on his face and neck. we haven't yet been able to work out the cause. apart from being itchy it doesn't seem to bother him much

it came up again at 5:30 this evening so I've given 2.5ml piriton (as per dosing instructions) and it worked for a while but the hives/rash is coming back again already. unless he's seriously unwell - breathing problems or distress there seems little point in heading off to the out of hours dr when we don't know what's causing it

can i give him more piriton as i suspect that this is all any Dr would do anyway?

Galena Fri 16-Sep-11 20:02:39

Can you phone the Out of Hours doctor? Here, they'd be happy enough to tell you that sort of thing over the phone.

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