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constipated, taking movicol but now has really loose stools, doesnt even realise shes going!!

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bestmammy Thu 15-Sep-11 21:03:28

hi my daughter is 2 year nine month she suffering frm constipation 6 mth. she would stand and hold it in causing her great pain she would not go for days and on d fifth day i could see her holding it in and causing great distress and pain,, brought her to doc las week as it got really ad prescibed movicol sachet two a day with 62.5ml water. took them for one day fine had a bowel movement, day two the same day three really loose stools and soiling pants really bad, it was like she was passing wind and not realinising she was pooing,, day three the same day four even worse having soiled in oants at least six times and really bad(not runny as in gastro) stopped giving her movicol on sunday four days ago and everyday she has had a really loose stool in her underpants, its like she doesnt eve no she needs to go and jus poos her pants, its so hard as she goes to playschool, can u help me what do i do?????

MissBetsyTrotwood Thu 15-Sep-11 21:12:26

You need to return to the GP. We take Movicol and were told by DS's paediatrician not to stop it suddenly but to wean off very slowly.

Also, loose stools can be a symptom of a blocked bowel. There can be so much poo lining the gut that the new stool doesn't have a chance to harden and form inside.

bestmammy Thu 15-Sep-11 21:17:40

i mean its sounds like im never happy haha i was upset that she wasnt going now im upset that she going to often, u no, i justs topped as i thought it wsnt normal to pooing herself six times a day in pants without even knowing u no and the fact that its still happening u no,

would movicol stil be the medicine for blocked bowel u no

chloesmumtoo Tue 20-Sep-11 09:45:36

My dd has movicol. Never had much help or advise having it really. Dd was always getting badly constipated over the years and has allergies also which makes things very difficult.She had to go hospital because of bad constipation years ago which was when movicol was first given short term. Afterwards her own doctor didnt want her to keep having it but her allergy pead thought she definately should. I still managed to get it on repeat prescription somehow so still keep her on it! Would not cope without it. I have found it was to harsh for her in high doses though and at one point was only giving 1/2 a sachet a day. Other times I have given one sachet every other day. Bearing in mind my dd is now 9yrs and still has this amount. Although I sometimes feel she is a bit in between doses at the moment and the constipation can start to creep in then she needs a complete one everyday, then the looseness does start to get a bit much. Whether my dd is just very sensitive to it I dont know but thats what we do.

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