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Poorly baby?

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munkeychops Thu 15-Sep-11 18:04:43


I am a first time mum and my 11 week old baby has had what I would call "slimey" poos for the past three weeks - not diarhea but somewhere between this and what they were previously like. I metioned this to the HV a couple of weeks ago, and they said not to worry if she was putting on weight okay, which she was. Anyway, a couple of weeks later and still the same so they have taken a stool sample today.

Then, just now, I have noticed what looks like am ulcer on her mouth.

Not quite sure what I asking really, does this sound like she is under the weather but nothing massive to worry about? Obviously the stool sample is being done now. I have just gave her some calpol, would it be worst ringing HV and saying think she has an ulcer or shall I just wait a week as she is due to come for her 12 week thing then anyway??

Sorry, daft question probably but I am clueless and worried! x

munkeychops Thu 15-Sep-11 18:06:15

... sorry for my spelling! - I meant "would it be worth ringing the HV"

sassie23 Thu 15-Sep-11 18:51:49

Hello munkey chops if she is gaining and still feeding normally I would just wait for the sample? Are you BF or FF if you've changed FF recently this can be why or if she has a slight intolerance to it main thing us she's gaining weight and seems a happy baby

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