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Retained Reflexes

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WineOhWhy Thu 15-Sep-11 12:36:55

My DD is still bedwetting at 7.5, so I have started googling about treatment options etc (as well as making GP appointment). I have read that a possible cause could be retained reflexes, and having read about this she has some of the other markers (although by no means all). For example, she has poor concentration and poor fine motor skills, and is generally a bit clumsy. She is very bright so this has not particualrly held her back to date as she has been able to compensate in other ways (e.g. poor reading is one indicator, and I dont think anyone woudl describe her as a poor reader becuase she has a readign age of 10. On the other hand, she did pick up reading extremely quickly and has had close to that reading age for about a year and a half and has not really progressed since then because she struggles with losing her place in long books with small print so has lost interest in reading). Her handwriting is ok for her age in terms of letter formation but she just cannot write in a staight line. Becuase she is by no means struggling at school I am unsure whether it is appropriate to look at treatment, although I can see that some of her concentration issues are starting to hold her back a bit, and I would like to see an end to the wet sheets!

Does anyone have experience of retained reflexes? How do they treat this?

Many thanks

nightcat Thu 15-Sep-11 22:56:13

You need Indigo here (amongst others smile
We have only just started so too early to say how effective.

WineOhWhy Fri 16-Sep-11 09:01:21

Bump in case Indigo is around...

oddgirl Fri 16-Sep-11 16:04:52

we have had great success with retained reflex therapy. My DS is 6 with ASD traits and dyspraxia. We have done retained reflex exercises for a year and seen huge improvements in many areas (motor skills and social skills). Never ever did I think he would be dry at night but after 1 month of treating with the spinal galant reflex exercises, it was like a switch and literally he went from soaking the bed through a pull up to completely dry the next night and ever since. We have done with hemispheres OT but I know Indigo has had equal success with 2 of her children in The Sound Learning Centre. I dont often see Indigo on the health board though so you may want to repost in Special Needs or Primary Education. She has loads of experience in this area so definately worth getting hold of her.

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