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Anyone of experience of recurrent UTI's

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Pigleychez Wed 14-Sep-11 14:29:37

DD1 (3.1) has just started Antibotics for a suspected UTI. We are waiting on the results of her sample.

For a while shes been complaining of a sore bum but it was on and off so wasnt really sure if she was really hurting or just playing on it (she has a habit of this and can be melodramatic about the slightest bump!).
Its only now though that she has really started struggling with weeing. Shes really in pain bless her.
Feel abit bad I didnt take her before but she was so on and off and not really in pain as such.

Should get the result this afternoon but the dr mentioned about the possibilty of an ultrasound to check everything was ok.
DD1 is never really ill and this is her first lot of antibiotics so hearing about the ultrasound is abit scary really.

Anyone any experiences or ideas to what could be causing the infections?

weaselbudge Wed 14-Sep-11 21:26:20

I think it's the same sort of thing that causes the infections in adults - some people are just prone to this sort of thing and from my own experience it is set off by perfumed bubble baths/shower gels, wiping back to front, just generally being run down/not drinking enough water. I suffered as a child and still do occasionally. Hopefully in your dd's case one course of antibiotics will clear it up and stop the pain relatively quickly. If it doesn't stop quickly she may be on the wrong sort so monitor this. Also make sure you finish the whole course - I didn't once and the infection just kept recurring. Sure ultrasound is just aprecaution as she's little so don't worry!

Oggy Thu 15-Sep-11 13:37:13

My daughter was referred for recurrent UTI's (she only had two, but they refer after 2), she was a tad younger than yours but not much.

She had the ultrasound and the dye thing for kidney function (can't remember what its called.

Both are fine and nothing to worry about (the waiting around in the waiting room is the most painful part!).

Not sure if your daughter is just having standard ultrasound or the the one with the dye too.

The one with the dye, they turn up at hospital, inject the dye and then child has to go away for a few hours for it to go through their body to their kidneys then they come back and go into a tube that looks like an MRI scanner. In our hospital they let you hold childs head and put a Dvd on for them to keep them preoccupied., it took about 30 minutes.

The standard ultrasound you need to turn up with full bladder (bit of a nightmare at that stage) and its just like what you might have when pregnant. They then ask the child to wee and then look again to make sure the bladder has emptied fully.

In my daughters case kidney funtions was perfect and the bladder scan showed it was emptying completely so no anatomical problem but because of her age and that she had 2 in 6 months she was prescribed daily low dose antibiotics to prevent another one. Sometime people can just be more susceptible so if scans show nothing then its just one of those things.

My daughter is now 4 and we are still waiting for her next consultant appointment to get her signed off the antibiotics but I actually stopped giving them to her a few months ago because it was giving her thrush and she has not had anything else (plus doc said they would take her off at 4 anyway as risk is much reduced at that age).

Not sure if this is the type of info you wanted but if you want to ask any questions at all about the whole thing feel free to ask anything either on this thread of by PM.

Oggy Thu 15-Sep-11 13:39:18

p.s. should have said in post above that the consultant was very clear with us that the scans and tests don't usually reveal anything, in most cases everything is working fine, but as poster above said, their age means they just need to be super cautious

Pigleychez Thu 15-Sep-11 22:32:06

Thanks for the replies. Very informative Oggy.

Not certain she will need an ultrasound, just something they mentioned depending what the results say.
Should get them about wed so I may well be back with more questions. smile

Tabitha99 Mon 26-Sep-11 20:36:29

I suffered from UTIs for 12 years. I was on a daily dose of antibiotics, until I discovered D-Mannose. I even took it during my pregnancies when 2 courses of antibiotics did not work. It prevents and gets rid of UTIs. The powder form can be taken by kids.

I recently discovered that my prolapsed transverse colon was squashing my bladder and making it susceptible to UTIs (for 12 years!). I also had awful pressure in my lower abdomen when lying down at night. I was made worse by 2 pregnancies. My colon was compacted with hard stuff (lack of water and fiber) so I did 2 colon cleanses and I no longer get recurrent UTIs. (DO NOT DO CLEANSES WHILE PREGNANT, WAIT TIL NOT PREGNANT - can cause MISCARRIAGE.)

I had examinations and the red dye xray too - all clear. They never checked my colon, I don't think it's on the medical curriculum. But I found this book on Google giving details - it's under 'structural problems':

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