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Anyones DS needed foreskin trimming due to repeated Balanitis?

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PippiLongBottom Wed 14-Sep-11 11:47:11

Now, I am jumping ahead of myself here but DS had had this twice (which I know isn't particularly unusual) and had anti-biotics each time. The Dr mentioned this time that he may need an operation. I am assuming that he doesn't mean a full circumcision but perhaps just a trim. He is 4.9 and has what seems an excessive foreskskin, I would say that without stretching it, it hangs down nearly a centimetre. The Dr told us that we have to pull it back to clean it so I am just in the process of teaching DS to do it. He isn't generally a willy fiddler.

DS2 also has a similarly long foreskin.

nametapes Wed 14-Sep-11 16:59:29

I would check whether the Dr is suggesting circumcision. My surgeon here has suggested it for my DS whose foreskin is very tight. His belief is that just trimming it causes scar tissue and then it needs doing again. They may recommend circumcision in the end if it keeps reoccurring.
Best not to assume and ask directly what operation your Dr is suggesting.

Suzannesee Wed 14-Sep-11 17:18:18

I absolutely agree with what nametapes (above) has said. I have researched this subject extensively (after my nephew had to be circumcised at 7 and I was involved in caring for him because my sister was ill.)

Nametapes' surgeon is quite right. This more conservative alternative fails more often than not. Going through this surgery as a boy rather than a baby is much worse and you don't want to risk having to put your son through it twice! Don't go down that road.

Because of NHS prevarication and reluctance to circumcise until boys have suffered long enough, there are now many UK private clinics that advertise circumcision service on the internet at reasonable rates. They use local anaesthetic (which is less risky) and they have very experienced staff who are doing this operation all the time.

PM me if you want more info.

bumbleymummy Wed 14-Sep-11 23:29:28

Pippi, does his foreskin retract yet? If it doesnt then don't force it back to clean it. There is quite a lot of research now showing that many foreskin issues in boys will resolve themselves and don't require any interference. It's worth doing some reading and speaking to some other doctors before you make any decisions especially if it isn't causing any major issues at the moment.

While it is always good to hear people's personal opinions, certain posters are very pro circumcision, even in non-medical situations, so bear that in mind when you are speaking to them.

PippiLongBottom Thu 15-Sep-11 22:14:34

Yes his foreskin does retract but it seems like I have to roll back yards of it. I am very far from pro-circumcision or any intervention so don't fret. The Dr we saw was at the out of hours doctors so should I make an appt with the GP do you think?

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