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Constipated or just a "phase"? Advice appreciated!

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suzimum Tue 13-Sep-11 11:11:39

My 21 month DS used to be very regular - having a poo every day or 2 days, but gradually over the last 6 months has become every 3 and now goes up to 5 days without a poo. I once gave him a glycerine suppository that did the trick nicely but since then have been giving him a spoon of lactulose every day twice a day and an extra spoon when it comes to 4 days without a poo. He also has a lot of dried and fresh fruit and veg and I cut down his milk and wheat intake.

The thing is, I am not sure the lactulose helps him "want" to go. It makes his poo very soft, which is good, but not sure it is helping otherwise. He never seems in pain or discomfort, and apparently DH went through a patch of going a long time without pooing too, when he was small. He is quite active at the moment and I wonder if he just "puts off" going since he gets distracted by other things.

I can't help worrying though that his bowel will become stretched and it can't be good for him. I think on the continent people give their children suppositories more frequently than we do, and wonder if I should use them when he goes more than 3 /4 days without a poo. Any advice / experience appreciated.

bestmammy Thu 15-Sep-11 20:53:28

hey i hav the same proble wit my daughter 2 9 months, she suffered really bad with constipation since approx may, i went to my gp last week and was prescribed movicol as she would stand and hold her poo in and i could see the pain stretched across her beautiful little face so i brought her she was holdin her poo like that for a few months, she would go if i gave her microlax bu didnt like giving her them, microlax fine day one, day two and day three she had really loose stools and day four the same she didnt evn realise she was going and was jus pooing her pants,, i immediatley stopped movicol as i thought this is what was doing this t her, i gave her one sachet(suppose to be 2 a day) sunday (four days ago) sunday was really bad pooed her pants a lot sunday at least six times and has been doing one/2 really loose stools doesnt even realise shes going in her pants,, im so worried about her i dont no what to do, if anyone has any advise

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