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2vomiting boys

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sassie23 Mon 12-Sep-11 19:18:43

Both my boys Ds1 3.5 and Ds2 10 months started vomiting last night. Ds2 stopped at 7am Ds1 last vomited at 12 noon today. I didn't give them anything to eat all day just diorhylite until 6 pm thought it would be safe to give them toast both seemed ok til Ds2 had his milk at bedtime and chucked it straight back up. Then Ds1 chucked everything up before bed both asleep now but Im worried no high temp but don't know what to do next for them ... Any help or advice would be great thanks x x

dikkertjedap Mon 12-Sep-11 19:47:01

Might just be a tummy bug. Most important to keep both of them hydrated. Even if they throw up they will still keep a bit so it was not wasted to give them something to drink. Nowadays the advice seemed to give them plain water or rehydration drinks like you have been doing - do not give still coke or other sugar drinks or lemonade as the latest research has shown that it makes it worse hence the change in advice. If they want to eat maybe give plain crackers or toast or some plain rice (only if they feel like it). Maybe milk is a little bit too rich still (breastfeeding for LO would be fine though). If no improvement tomorrow I would call GP to ask for advice especially for the 10 MO. Of course encourage lots of hand washing etc. Hope they get better soon.

sassie23 Mon 12-Sep-11 19:54:59

Thanks for that yes I wasn't sure what to do about the milk but read several reports saying you should give them their normal milk as well as rehydration fluids but it looks like it was too hard on him poor lamb if he wakes tonight I'll just give him fluids and hope by tomorrow both are turning the corner

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