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Rash around 6mo mouth, poss connected to weaning?

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33goingon64 Mon 12-Sep-11 17:11:02

DS started BLW a few weeks ago and in the last week has developed a rash on both cheeks and chin. Wondered if it was caused by prolonged contact with food - BLW is very messy and he sits with yogurt or tomato sauce or whatever stuck to his face for up to an hour before I wipe it off. Could the food be causing the rash? Any way I can prevent it and also treat the rash?

shouldbeelswhere Mon 12-Sep-11 21:00:45

My DD had very sensitive skin like you describe and yes I'd say it sounds like a contact dermatitis. You could try vaseline or any barrier cream before feeding. Then wash and dry carefully straight after food.

If that doesn't do the trick you could make a note of when it occurs (ie after which foods in particular) The rash DD had turned out to be caused by an intolerance to cheese. By the time we realised this her face was very excoriated and she'd been treated by our GP for excema for a while. Once I stopped giving her cheese it cleared up completely.

The allergy threads on MN are great for support if it turns out to be an allergic reaction.

33goingon64 Tue 13-Sep-11 20:55:32

Great, thanks. I will try the vaseline and if that doesn't work I will try cutting out cheese for a awhile.


WillPenn Wed 14-Sep-11 10:05:19

Have you been giving your DD fresh mango at all? DD1 is allergic to it and it causes a rash around her mouth - it is something in the skin that does it so it is only fresh mango that causes the rash. And tomatoes do give DD2 a red and sore chin if she has too many...

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