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15 month fell out of cot

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TheTeaLady Sun 11-Sep-11 19:45:51

What do I need to watch out for now?
She is asleep now, about an hour after I found her on the floor. She was crying; she had been grizzling in bed and then suddenly got louder and that's when I went in. Assume it happened then. She stopped crying pretty soon after I picked her up. She drank some water and was fairly cooperative, considering, when I turned on the light and checked her over.
Not sure how she landed. I think the side of the cot was not up properly so she climbed/fell out. I don't know what part of her body she landed on. The floor is carpet. I checked her over and didn't see any signs on bruising and she was wriggling around a lot so I am pretty sure nothing's broken.
Some advice I've seen says don't let them go to sleep for a couple of hours after a fall... but she was already very tired and it was about an hour past her bedtime when she did go to sleep.
Am worried I may have missed something. And unfortunately husband is out so I need to talk this through!

cjbartlett Sun 11-Sep-11 19:47:37

I'd keep going in to check on her

You will need to get her a bed now though as she can climb out, that's when the fun begins!

TheTeaLady Sun 11-Sep-11 19:49:29

Also, she feels quite cool on her forehead, heads and arms, but she is dressed fairly lightly as she had a small fever on Thursday and Friday which we're pretty sure was teething related.

TheTeaLady Sun 11-Sep-11 19:50:51

Thanks for your quick anwer.
I just checked her; gave her a bit on a prod and she stretched out a bit. Paranoid about concussion.

ChunkyMonkeyMother Sun 11-Sep-11 19:56:49

Now I don't know about this for sure and I'm sure someone who does will be here shortly but I was told recently by 2 seperate people that the advice is to let a tired child sleep even if they have had a knock on the head (obviously nothing too much!)

But perhaps it is time to remove the cot sides? I know it sounds a bit rash but if you get a gate for her door and then take the side off, if she gets out again (assuming she got out on purpose iyswim) she can atleast get back in and wont fall out - My parents took my cot sides off before I was 1 because I kept getting out of it and sleeping on the floor, I just used to get out have a little wander round my room and then get back in and go to sleep - Just saved them from the worry that I was going to fall out

My DS is 25 months now and the lazy blighter has never even tried to get out waste of money buying a cotbed etc

Hope she is ok - and you too, hope you're not too shaky!

TheTeaLady Sun 11-Sep-11 20:07:53

I am shaky. And flushed in the cheeks!... She had a big fall a few months back but that one was bad enough to go straight to the hospital without question (I can't remember any of the doctor's advice dammit). This time I am relying on my own judgement. Don't like it!
As for taking the sides off the cot..... when and how on earth do people learn not to roll out of bed?

ChunkyMonkeyMother Sun 11-Sep-11 21:15:26

I have no idea about rolling, my ds sleeps on every inch of his bed in the night - moves around like mad so it just wouldn't be any good for him but maybe put a set of those little bed-side things on? Just to stop the falls?

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