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Sirzy Sun 11-Sep-11 09:16:27

cant find the old asthma thread but have a few questions/concerns that I am sure you wonderful people can help with!

Ds is 22 months, diagnosed asthmatic at 12 months after having ongoing issues with his chest since bronchiolitis at 8 weeks left him in hdu.

Finally he is pretty well controlled now (on 150mg clenil twice a day) but in the past 3 weeks I have found he is needing his blue inhaler more and more.

- he is just starting to want to walk rather than using his pram but after 10 mins of walking he starts to get breathless is this normal?

- when he goes swimming we often have to stop early as he gets wheezy. Is it best to give ventolin before we go swimming?

- is it normal for children (asthmatic or not!) to suddenly start breathing a bit faster when just playing?

Daft questions I know but trying to sort out day to day norms for him now he is an active toddler!!

cedmonds Sun 11-Sep-11 20:08:15

Hi Sizy
Ds(5) has had asthma since a baby and has been in and out of hospital (was on the old asthma thread)
He has ventolin 10min before swimming before PE at school. When it is cold he also has it before playtime at school but at the moment he is OK.

He has had an asthma free summer and been very well controlled until a few weeks ago. I think it is because it had started to get colder at night.That could be why you are having to give ds ventolin.

Ds also used to get out of breath when he was walking which he shouldnt be doing after only 10 Min's or so.

I would also say that he should be breathing faster when he is playing.What is he doing IE running around or just sitting.
Maybe it would be worth seeing your GP or pediatrician again. As it sounds like his asthma might be getting out of controlled again.
Hope this helps.

eragon Mon 12-Sep-11 09:43:36

yes, i second the opinon to go back tothe gp, he shouldnt be breathless or wheeze at all. its sign that his asthma is not in good control.

Sirzy Mon 12-Sep-11 11:25:07

Thanks you both smile I shall try to get his appointment brought forward or see the asthma nurse then!

mousymouse Mon 12-Sep-11 11:33:01

it has probably already been done, but has his heart been checked out?
just asking because a friend has a dc and the gp said he had asthma and it was treated as such. it turned out that the dc had a hole in the heart which was operated and now dc is absolutely fine without breathlessness at all.

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