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8 month old 1st cold any tips

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MoreBoober Sun 11-Sep-11 07:19:43

Hi my 8.5 month old DS has his 1st cold, temp not bad but lots of snot and sneezing. Any tips from mumsnetters for a 1st time mum? Has also been off his food for last week but thought that was teething related.
Thanks smile

DialMforMummy Sun 11-Sep-11 07:30:06

Not a great deal you can do apart from the obvious: wipe nose and give Calpol if fever picks up or if seems grizzly. Don't cover him too much, it's pointless. Being off his food can be both teething related and because of the cold. Mine is the same, appetite picks up when symptoms diminish.

33goingon64 Mon 12-Sep-11 17:07:41

We found propping DS's head in the cot helped at night - make sure you put the prop (rolled up towel is useful) under the mattress. Saline nasal spray also good for getting snot out.

BatFlattery Mon 12-Sep-11 21:45:09

We're going throught the same at the moment with 8mo DS - amazing amount of snot, sneezing, slight cough, running a bit of a temperature. He's also been off his food which is most unlike him! Teething is complicating matters further, same as your DS. We've been giving Calpol to bring the temperature down, mattress propped up with a pillow, Karvol on a cloth tucked down the side of the mattress. Nothing else anyone can really do, just got to ride it out I think! Obviously v important to make sure they're getting enough fluids, we've been giving extra water in a bottle as the teething has brought on a dodgy tum sad

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