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7 month old horrible cough to point of being sick

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yawningbear Sat 10-Sep-11 17:03:56

It feels like 7 month old DS has had one cold after another pretty much from birth. If he hasn't got a full blown cold he is very snuffly. He currently has a cold and very bad cough, is coughing to the point of throwing up and he is really miserable with it. Has been ongoing for last 3 weeks. I have taken him to the GP twice in that time but he does not have a chest infection and was told there was nothing that can be done. Any suggestions as to anything I can do to help with the cough? TIA

shouldnothavegonetospecsavers Sun 11-Sep-11 01:00:11

Dont you feel really helpless in that situation, poor little mite. My ds does this quite often but docs werent interested and kept just saying its viral and they wouldnt give anything for it.

I found tixylix and vicks vapour rub on his chest and back before bed seems to work. Some people suggested putting something under one side of his cot so he isnt laying down flat helps. Also them plug in room thingies (sorry the name totally escapes me but will come back when i stop trying to think of it)

Them Karvol capsules/drops are very good too if he's bunged up

Hope he gets better soon

yawningbear Sun 11-Sep-11 08:10:36

Oh thanks for the reply, I do feel totally helpless, it just sounds awful to me and he is beside himself with it. I had been into the chemist and asked if there was anything I could do and they had said no but I was sure there should be something I could at least rub on him. I will go to somewhere bigger and look for the rub and capsules. Just hope it ends soon. Thanks shouldnothavegonetospecsavers smile

shouldnothavegonetospecsavers Sun 11-Sep-11 16:57:43

Couldnt see it go unanswered as i know how horrible it is, hope something works for him.

Maybe someone will along with better suggestions too

TheSkiingGardener Sun 11-Sep-11 17:16:10

We use snuffle babe as a rub on his chest, we've found it in larger Tescos and Asda before. Or you can put a drop of Olbas oil near the cot.

It's so frustrating as there is nothing really good you can give them for chesty coughs, they just have to endure it.

cedmonds Sun 11-Sep-11 19:27:34

I have had this with ds(5) and still do at least he can blow his nose now which helps. Vicks vapour rub on his feet at night and socks or baby grow over the top really helps. Also have you tried the saline nose drops that help to clear the snot etc. Steam used to really help ds his had a steamer in his room which really helps. If you have not got one a bowel of hot water in his room would do the same and you can also add karvol to it as well(obviously out of his reach) When he was really bad i used to take him in a hot steamy bathroom or sit him in his bouncy chair/car seat when i had a shower. Raising the head of the cot also really helps.
Hope he is better soon.

yawningbear Wed 14-Sep-11 10:04:07

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. I have got hold of some rub and linctus though to be honest there doesn't seem any improvement but will keep up with them. I have been putting bowls of hot water in the bedrooom as we thought that might help and we have tried the saline drops in the past but they gave him nosebleeds. We tried a suck snotter bulb thing which worked to some extent but made him scream the house down so in complete desperation I have resorted to sucking the snot out myself when it has been really bad. Oh dear grin. I like the sound of Snuffle Babe, it sums him up so will look out for that, and will try the rub under the socks and will try taking him into the bathroom with me when its steamy. Thanks again.

KindKim Wed 14-Sep-11 10:07:53

You have had some good advice on how to cope with this just now but in the long term...
Are there any milk intolerences in the family?
This sounds like a classic case of it tbh, as he has been snuffly since birth.
Look into milk intolerence on the www, sorry i would link some info for you but just dashing off to work.

yawningbear Thu 15-Sep-11 20:59:56

Well, he seemed even worse so we went back to the GP's for the third time and finally have some anti b's, he has a chest and ear infection and would have been in alot of pain according to the doctor. He has a really good nap today, the first in ages and is asleep just now so fingers crossed he is on the mend. She reckoned the snuffles may be due to enlarged adenoids but I will look into the milk intolerance KindKim. Thanks again.

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