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Aggression/Feacal Smearing - where can I go from here?

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BoisJacques Fri 09-Sep-11 19:30:07

Name changed because I wanted to put all my old threads on DS behind me - if anyone remembers he was soiling himself at school and being left/sent home/told off/stripped in the corridor etc. I removed him, he sort of settled and we worked hard all summer getting to the bottom of why he was soiling (seen paed. 2 times, 3rd appointment in 6w) He had been smearing at that time (old school), and still does on rare occassion now (mainly poos in bath, then wipes all around tiles) I am so confused about how to react, because I do not want to victimase him further, but also I want to be strict if it really is him just being naughty. Tonight he was bathing with DS2, I was sorting the beds (next door room) and was chatting to them placing and I thought he was washing DS2s face, but when I went in he had smeared poo all over his face and in his hair (ds1 had smeared it on ds2). I have sent him to bed now (was bedtime anyway) but I am so confused. Is he naughty? Is it distress still at his old school? He still sometimes talks randomly about it - out of the blue, about how sad he was and how mean they were etc. He really 'mothers' his cuddly toys too. Is it time for CAMHs? SS knew, but were really really pissed off with me for 'reporting' this to them (went to formal hearing and they ruled stripping in corridor was OK, other things could not be proved so they could not act on it) but I am left with a broken child. What on earth do I do?

BoisJacques Fri 09-Sep-11 19:33:16

Should say (i started another thread in behaviour /development) he had started daytime wetting again (well, he did do it from time to time at old school) and climbing into DS3s cot and wees etc. sad

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