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baby turned blue and stopped breathing

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tiggersreturn Fri 09-Sep-11 17:56:58

This happened last night with dt2 while bf. I thought I'd killed him and we're currently trying reflux medication. Any experiences? Night consultant said it might be milk up wrong tube and could be one off. Day one is trying for reflux. Dts born at 33+4 and now 37+3.

Advice gratefully received. Feeling horribly worried and guilty that I may have caused it. Also desperate to get back to dt1

DeWe Fri 09-Sep-11 18:54:25

Known this happen to a couple of childrendue to reflex. YOu haven't caused it. Really. Both were absolutely fine after medication and it didn't happen again.

cathysten Fri 09-Sep-11 19:08:32

this happened to my son (born 34 +4) when he was about 6 weeks old - he bf in the night, then seemed to have some sort of hiccups, coughed up blood and stopped breathing, went all floppy and blue and wouldn't respond, rushed to hospital in ambulance. Absolutely terrifying, I thought he was dying.
Diagnosed as silent reflux (he as found to be very anaemic as well), theory was that the reflux had damaged the lining of the aesophagus (sp?) causing the bleeding, and some of the blood/refluxed milk had been sucked into the lungs. He was given reflux meds (ranitidine and gaviscon) and I also went dairy free for 6 months or so which seemed to help - he had been very hiccupy/windy, but spent most of the day upright in the sling so it wasn't too bad.
He's 4 now and absolutely fine.
Gaviscon is a right pain if you're bfing but the ranitidine seemed to work. It might be worth calling a breastfeeding counsellor as well, they would have ideas about feeding positions etc to help with the reflux.

tiggersreturn Sat 10-Sep-11 23:44:26

Thanks for the advice

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