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Anyone's DC developed reflux symptoms as an older child? (around age 5/6)

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mawbroon Thu 08-Sep-11 20:46:42

My poor ds1 is having a bloody awful time of it just now.

He has been intolerent to cows milk since a dreadful stomach bug when he was almost 2yo (9 days of d&V and lost a lot of weight). We have been able to introduce dairy and he was doing great guns, until he had two stomach bugs in quick succession last Christmas.

The last stomach bug left him with reflux symptoms, so we went to the doc and he was prescribed Gaviscon. After a few weeks, he said that he was ok and I thought that was the end of it.

Then, over the summer, he started coughing any time he lay down at bedtime. I assumed this was asthma/hayfever type symptoms so gave him his puffer any time he coughed a lot. It didn't help much, but then the coughing stopped. It's only now that I wonder if this was actually the reflux making him cough and it hadn't gone away at all.

So, at the beginning of July, he had a couple of episodes where out of the blue he would clutch his chest in agony, so we went back to the doc. More Gaviscon and a referral to the paed at the children's hospital.

I called today to say that things have got really bad, and they have moved his appointment to monday.

We have propped his bed, stopped letting him eat anything vaguely acidic, tried to have him eat and drink at separate times, are giving him gaviscon about 5 times a day. He's been off dairy for about a month now (I am beginning to think the dairy thing is a red herring tbh).

What else can I do between now and monday? And does anyone else have experience of this? He says his stomach burns all the time and his belly is really swollen and extremely sore if I press it. sad

Or should I take him to the A&E?

nightcat Thu 08-Sep-11 22:23:34

Have you tried taking him off wheat? Years ago my ds improved initially on dairy-free, but later it turned out that it was wheat (gluten) that was affecting him, he can now have some dairy but is gluten free (so am i).

Read up on gluten intolerance/sensitivity, the burns sounds like reflux and it can be caused by not being able to digest gluten. Frequently it's gluten that causes dairy intolerance.

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