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Theadworm meds for 23 month old??

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ginmakesitallok Thu 08-Sep-11 14:17:41

I found a threadworm in DDs nappy yesterday - so went to pharmacy to get some meds for us all. Pharmacist wouldn't sell me any as it's not recommended for under 2s. So - Does anyone know if there is any threadworm stuff available for under 2s? Do I really need to make a gp appointment to get it prescribed? Or do I just go elsewhere and not mention that its for an under 2?? Can't really believe that it would do her any harm now but that in 3 weeks time (when she turns 2) it is perfectly safe? Other option is not to do anything- she doesn't seem to be at all unwell or bothered? Thanks for any advice


fourkids Thu 08-Sep-11 15:48:44

well...Personally I'd say she's two (she will be in three weeks FGS) and get the stuff, but there is a thread about Medised...and fibbing to pharmacists in AIBU and it all turned a bit nasty WRT getting pharmacists struck off etc!!

Alternatively I'd see GP. I wouldn't not treat - couldn't stand having the wiggly things waving at me when I changed a nappy <shudder>

Third option - an elderly lady once told me that when she was a child, the treatment was to eat a jar of blackcurrant jam...

Also, get the orangy medicine that is ready made up, rather than the raspberry granules you have to mix because IME the respberry stuff is completely unpalatable. Probably the threadworms just run from it, and come pouring out of the DC's bottom in horror.

ginmakesitallok Thu 08-Sep-11 16:08:42

Thanks Fourkids - went to a different pharmacist who was much more helpful, signed us up for minor ailment scheme and I got pripsen for DD2 (the strawberry granules - but she loved it1) and some tablets for DD1 - and didn't have to pay (Hurray for Scotland's NHS!) will just have to get some for me and DP now....

fourkids Thu 08-Sep-11 17:23:20

oooh, strange scottish taste buds!! smile

mangopudding Thu 08-Sep-11 20:17:48

Hi ladies, just a simple question regarding threadworms. Will you be able to see those tiny eggs around the anus?

ginmakesitallok Thu 08-Sep-11 20:19:42

Mango - no you can't see the eggs, at least not without a microscope according to google.

mangopudding Thu 08-Sep-11 20:22:34

Thanks. It just that some sites say you can see some tiny white specks around the anus and that these are the eggs?

fourkids Thu 08-Sep-11 21:08:55

IME (which is reasonably limited)...and this is gross I know...with older children's poos underwater the worms stay inside the poo and so an itchy bottom may be the most obvious clue, but with poos in the air (say a nappy or potty etc), the worms sometimes poke their heads out and give you a wave!

Is it possible mangopudding that you are thinking of tape worm?

ginmakesitallok Thu 08-Sep-11 21:14:34

DD2s wee worm was just wriggling on her otherwise perfect little bottom after a wet nappy change. gross.

fourkids Thu 08-Sep-11 21:21:20

confused for a second there about wee worms when I was fixated on poo..then caught up with myself, adopted a scottish accent in my head, and realised it was little. LOL.

ginmakesitallok Thu 08-Sep-11 21:22:40

lol - now a wee "wee worm" would be a completely different kind of gross!

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