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6 yr old DS 102 cm tall head circumference 54 cm this a bit odd or is it ok ?

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droves Wed 07-Sep-11 17:19:04

DS4 is a twin so always has been a bit small for his age ... really noticing a difference in his size compared to his classmates now .

As you probaly know already dd4 has austism/gdd/hypermobility ect ... DS4 IS HER TWIN has been a bit overlooked whilst dd4 has countless hospital appointments.

Im a bit worried about his head size in comparison to his height . He always has been a bit big-headed, but just put it down to him being a boy grin.

Out of curiousity measured all the kids heads ...

Teenagers dd2 and dd3 heads are both 19 inches

ds2 head is 19 inches

dd4 head is 18 inches

ds4 head is 21( and a tiny bit) inches /54cm.

Tell me im being precious and hes fine...before i make doctors appointment .


acebaby Thu 08-Sep-11 22:53:30

Ds's head is this size. He is also 6 and on the short side (108 cm). We are not worried because DH has a massive head (64cm) and can't find hats to fit. I would say to get him checked out if he is the only one in the family with a big head, but don't worry too much!

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