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repeated blinking in 2.11yr old

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plusonemore Sun 04-Sep-11 21:34:32

Anyone have any experience of this please? My DS2 started repeatedly blinking last week whilst on holiday, its quite an exaggerated blink too, the sides of the eyes really come forward. We thought at first it was either tiredness or the change of environment to a salty sea air, but it has continued now we are at home. Could it indicate a problem with his eyesight? Or could it be a tic? DS 1 had a winking tic which has changed recently to a clearing throat one, but DS2 seems quite young for this? Doctore? Optician? Thanks

cheekyginger Mon 05-Sep-11 15:43:12

Hi plusonemore,

I work in an eye clinic and i have had a few kids with blinking tics. As long as your LO's eyes arent red and there is no discharge then it might be best to try and ignore it.

Blinking really doesnt generally indicate a problem with eyesight BUT if you are seeing one eye turn inwards or there is a strong family history of glasses then it might be worth getting DS2 checked. In the UK most opticians/optometrists can carry out a basic eye examination to reassure you....rather than having to be referred to the eye clinic.

Hope this has helped!

PrincessTamTam Mon 05-Sep-11 15:53:51

My DS1 developed a blinking thing (quite exaggerated scrunching of the eyes) when he was about 7 and got his first Gameboy - he was on it a lot as it was new (and clearly I am a BAD mother). We noticed it when he wasn't on the gameboy but just sitting watching TV, reading etc.

It stopped when we made the connection and significantly reduced his time on it.

Yours seems a bit young for this, but it may be something similar...has he been looking at any screens more than usual lately?

Just a thought, hope it helps.

plusonemore Tue 06-Sep-11 22:10:41

thank you both! Took him to GP and she thought a little inflamed, maybe due to sea air, combined with it becomming a 'habit'. Got eye drops which seem to be helping. Might take him for eye test anyway, and also have reduced TV time!

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