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spots in armpit!

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alybalybee Sun 04-Sep-11 19:39:51

My 4yo had one red, slightly itchy, spot in his armpit at bedtime yesterday. He's been his usual self today, as he has been all week, and hasn't talked about or seemed bothered by the spot.

However, I've just noticed during his bath he now has a dozen spots in the same armpit. The original spot looks as if it has a tiny, slightly crusted centre but the rest are just a dark pink spot, as the original one was last night. I've checked him over and he doesn't have even a hint of a spot elsewhere.

Can anyone suggest what it might be, please?

Redumbdancy Mon 05-Sep-11 10:34:30

Chicken pox often starts in the arm pit. Has he had it?

alybalybee Mon 05-Sep-11 21:59:22

Thanks for responding. He's had a very mild dose but the spots weren't appearing as quickly as I thought Chicken Pox do. However, they seem to be fading and no more have appeared so who knows what it was!

jenniec79 Mon 05-Sep-11 22:02:55

My immediate thought was shingles. Are they chicken-poxy spots?

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