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Post void dribbling

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fifa Sun 04-Sep-11 17:36:10

Hi, anyone with anything similar to this.
DD1 7yo started 4 days ago with saying she needed another wee just having had one.She driblles tiny amounts,not enough to wet herself but is getting a little worked up in case she needs to go and will wet herself if leaves the bathrom. Plenty of reassurances going on. Have tried positioning her on the loo to empty bladder fully and kept her on water only drink wise.
She has no pain or any burning sensations and is otherwise well.
She had Appendix out 8 weeks ago and initially post op was reluctant to wee fully. ? wonder if related or just a case of back to school excitement.?
Any one else had anything similar? Would love to hear before take to GPs for reassuarnce tomo.

Fiolondon Sun 04-Sep-11 20:50:45

Did she have a catheter for the op?
Might be taking a while to heal or maybe start of infection.
Would go to gp ASAP - and I normally avoid doctors!
Good luck

fifa Sat 01-Oct-11 13:55:31

Thanks for that.
Back to school now and all settled. Friend who is Urology nurse specialist put mind at rest and since school restartedshe has been too busy to think about / obsess about it!

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