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Ds' eye keeps bruising

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hayleysd Sat 03-Sep-11 21:18:36

About 3 months ago my ds aged 6 got headbutted in the eye at school playing football it came up swollen and bruised straight away (I was there at toddlers with ds2 luckily) took him to minor injuries to get it checked and they said it would take a while to heal, got his vision checked at the optician and they said he was slightly longsighted but nothing to worry about it eventually went down but ever since the area bruises with the slightest knock and he now has a permanent line under that eye, should I be worried or does it just take a long time to heal? Am about in first name terms with minor injuries, the latest incident being he ran into one of those tubes you shout down iykwim at the park causing his forehead to dint in on impact which again they said not to worry about as ling as he showed none of the signs they described, any advice appreciated

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