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Suspected Tonsilitis

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OhCobblers Sat 03-Sep-11 12:14:57

DC has had an up and down temp for 24 hours. Have done the usual calpol/neurofen thing but its not staying down without medication.
Have checked back of throat regularly and have now seen a couple of white spots.
NHS Direct Nurse calling back within next 4 hours but is there anything more i can do to help it?
He's OK and just a bit listless but happy watching TV, drinking liquids and eating a little bit.
Presumably he automatically needs antibiotics if it is tonsilitis and kept away from others?

TIA for advice and tips.

Turkelton Sun 04-Sep-11 05:02:09

Hi Ohcobblers,
I think once he is on antibiotics for 24 hours he is no longer contagious, could be wrong on that now so hopefully someone else will come along soon who might know. I have ddts aged 2 and one of them suffers from her tonsils constantly, she is actually waiting to get them out and her twin never catches it from her (odd considering they give each other big sloppy kisses, share drinks etc.. ) I also find DD gets over it quicker if we try to keep to "normal" foods. We will normally let her have ice cream etc for the first day or so if it is a really bad case but then move her straight back on to proper foods

Hope he gets well soon x

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