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New Surgery Baby Clinic NW6

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DinkyDG Thu 01-Sep-11 12:17:33

I have been slightly frustrated with the fact that my GP surgery (West Hampstead Medical Centre) does not seem to cater for parents needs. Yes, I can book an appointment with the nurse at any time but bringing my baby in to sit with other parents without children means that when my little girl starts screaming everyone in the room shudders and makes me feel like a leper. The truth is children do scream.
So, I have wrote to the new manager and something amazing has actually now happened.

The surgery is launching a baby clinic with imms clinic on Thursdays from the 1st September and I did notice the other week that there were some lovely posters put up around the practice.
I have booked my baby in to see the nurse and been told the health visitors clinic is a walk in one, so this is really helpful to me as I will be able to get my little one jabbed and get some confidential advice from the HV then this is possible. They also said that I do not have to have an appointment with the nurse to go to the HV walk in clinic.

I am very excited about this new clinic and will let you all know how it goes.

diyvspse Thu 01-Sep-11 13:18:44

Good for you, you've done a service to your community! Why they needed to be told to do it you'll never know, but that's a great outcome.

DinkyDG Tue 13-Sep-11 18:13:13

Well, the manager there is new and the practice has (according to my friends) always had a problem being open to mums and parents so I had to do it. The manager is really nice and really listened which was good and obviously not afraid to make changes, which was also good. She also mentioned they are setting up a Patient Group, but I just don't have time!!! is there anyone out there who is a patient at west hampstead medical centre who is a mum or parent and interested in being a member of their patient group??? if so, contact for the attention of the practice manager and you too could make a difference. soz just realised how corny that sounded. oh yes, and when I went to the appointment it was brilliant. I asked the HV all those questions I thought were really stupid and I did not feel stupid at all. Fantastic advice and really helpful especially as it was a walk in. As for the jabs, my little one has a good pair of lungs which is nice to know, I guess.

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